Sunshine Love – Chapter 2 – v0.0.2.1 (Links Updated)

Hey everyone!

This is a quick post to let you all know that we’ve fixed some bugs and errors that you guys have listed since SL – Chapter 2 – v2 was released last Saturday.

We’ve re-uploaded the download links that contain all of the fixes/edits that we’ve had to make.

Changelog: (what we have changed/fixed)

– Fixed various spelling errors (thanks to those of you who listed them for us)

– during a sex scene with either of the Twins (taking them doggy style on the floor), an error message was coming up on the screen once you select the “Cum” option from the sex player. This has now been fixed.

– during the Country and Western event at the hotel when you are talking with your Childhood Friend, a set of options during your chat with her:

“[Yuki / The Hotel]” was not coming up for some of you.

That has now been coded correctly.

– On the non-Childhood Friend path, there are a thought few lines from Jazmin where she mentions accidentally seeing you and your Childhood Friend kissing.

This scene should not have come up and has now been re-coded so that it doesn’t on any non-Sis path.

– In the Peeping Tom gallery under Week 6, Image #20 (Connie) was meant to be in the #18 slot.

That has now been moved to the correct place so that it’s in line with the correct order of when the PT Icon comes up during your play through.

SL Version with animated scenes included

– For those of you who are on the $20 tier and said that you didn’t get the animated images in last week’s update, make sure you download the game under the “Sunshine Love CH2 v.0.02 Extras Included” post as the animations are included in that download link.

As you can see, even though we do numerous checks and beta tests before each update is released, not everything goes according to plan and sometimes things get overlooked.

Or we simply have no idea about issues in our releases until after the update has been put out.

Thanks to everyone who has let us know of any problems that they’ve found in the most recent update of Sunshine Love, and also to anyone who did some testing to help make sure we fixed some of them.

Have a great weekend, I’ll be in touch again soon.