Saving All My Love For You 

Good morning/after/evening to all of our supporters! 

A new weekend means another preview pic from the final update for Dating My Daughter. 

NOTE: This will be the final “story” update for our long-running debut VN. 

There will be more from us and the characters that feature in our game in the near future. 

Changes to the Walkthrough

With the game soon to be concluded and various endings currently being worked on at this time, we have decided to make a slight adjustment to Day 49 of the walkthrough, for this specific scene: 

Koko and Leah announce the two winners who will work for them.

Previously, it was stated that D getting the “Working with Koko Role” would lead to a much better game ending. 

That will not be the case now. We’ve removed that detail so that all the endings remain a mystery for now.

We want the ending that you try and get to be the best for you (and your daughter), rather than us suggesting what we think is the best ending (like we did with Melody). 

Now that we have several game endings in place, we believe that the ”best ending” will be interpreted differently by every player, and that’s how we want you to see it when you get to the conclusion of the game. 

Also, on the “Influencer Role” path, you no longer need to be seeing someone other than Dee to be on it. 

You can just be dating Dee and still get a specific ending where you just end up with her. 

The download links for the walkthrough on our Subscribestar page have now been updated and we recommend that you download it and look over these changes. We also suggest that you make a few different saves before the end of the last update. 

Please consider the different combinations or options with Dee (in the “Relationships Menu”) that could lead to one of the game endings when making your saves. 😉 

We’ll have more details and handy tips which will be included in the game day post when the update is released. 

Today’s preview

One ending that could happen may feature the stunning Georgina, who is part of our focus in today’s preview pic. 

Will there be a happy ending for you, your daughter and your former receptionist? 

How will Georgina feel if you decide to marry Dee and not her?

The release date for v36 still hasn’t been determined yet but as mentioned during last week’s preview post, it’s likely to be out during the week of Christmas 😉

As soon as we have settled on an official release date, we’ll let you know. 

Be sure to check back next week when we post up another new preview pic from the final (story) update of Dating My Daughter!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone, and thank you very much for your ongoing support!