Dance To The Music

Good morning/after/evening to all of our supporters!

We’re almost halfway through the final update of Dating My Daughter and so far everything is going well.

With the World Cup kicking off this weekend, hopefully, we can keep one eye on our own prize which is to have the release out before Christmas 😉

Today’s preview

During the last update, superstar “Koko” invited you and your daughter to have a private discussion with her during her private party.

Depending on what you told her about your relationship with Dee will determine whether you get to view a special scene with Koko during this final update.

As we know from the first chapter, Koko has never been afraid to bare all, and she’s very open about her sexuality.

How open is she willing to be towards you and your daughter?

The release date for v36 still hasn’t been determined yet but as mentioned during last week’s preview post, it’s likely to be out during the week of Christmas.

We just want to make sure we get into this update as much content as possible and that it’s done right.

We’re also looking to fix up a lot of the dialogue and issues from the first three chapters as well, just so the story is more consistent.

As soon as we have settled on an official release date, we’ll let you know.

Be sure to check back next week when we post up another new preview pic from the final (story) update of Dating My Daughter!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone, and thank you very much for your ongoing support!