Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Hello to all of our supporters.

It’s a new week, which means we have a brand-new preview for you all today!

If you have been following the story so far, you will know that there has been a lot of mystery, deception and strange goings-on at the local church.

The pastor’s daughter, “Kristina”, has been highly suspicious of her father and you, the MC, are still wondering what the relevance is of the angel painting that hangs on the wall inside his office.

It’s always a risk whenever you enter the church, but what might be even riskier is continuing to date the pastor’s daughter! 😉

What will happen between the two of you during the next update?

Will this heavenly angel help you in your quest to discover the truth behind Mr Roshi’s earlier suspicions: that something fishy is going on at the church?

And is there any chance that your relationship with Kristina is able to move forward at this crucial time?

Find out when the next update of Sunshine Love is released! (*release date still to be determined.)

As mentioned last week, we’ll be working on SL updates back-to-back from and then we’ll look at creating our first “DMD fantasy scene collection” update.

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support so far.

Have a great day, and we’ll be in touch again next weekend,


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