Behind Closed Doors

Hello again to all of our supporters!

How is February treating you? Are you ready for another preview image from the upcoming update of Sunshine Love?

For those of you who were playing the Shortcake path, you will know that you spent
the night over at her house (and in her bed).

But what will happen the morning after when her mother Trisha returns home a little earlier than expected?

Will you get caught fooling around with her innocent daughter, or will you find a way to get out of there without Trisha having any idea that you were there?

Things are starting to get even more risky for you, the MC.

How much longer can you sneak around (with the girls that you are interested in) before it completely blows up in your face?

Find out what unfolds when the next update of Sunshine Love is released on Sunday, March 12th!!

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support so far. We truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Have a great day, and we’ll be in touch again next weekend,